The Short Story Revolution


"I'm gonna start a revolution from my head
Cos the stories in your brain... meant to be read!"
- insert silent "are" (too many sylables for the song).

The Dream

We long for a lasting change that crosses all borders and realizes the dormant storytelling power in all people. We cast off the claim of Walter Benjamin who postulated "the art of storytelling is reaching its end because the epic side of truth, wisdom, is dying out".

We long for a public wisdom built on the shared experience of prophets and protesters, farmers and fallen finance directors, danger men and drama queens, the shy and the shameless and most importantly, you, reading this now. Together, we have lived and together we can learn; we all have a story to tell.

We long for a change in the 'Big Brother' generations: these generations, who have been contaminated by fixed-format "reality" TV over and over again, will take our creative antitoxin, express themselves in prose and relish in the great writing remedies offered by the scribes of this world.

We long for the children of this generation to experience the great joys of reading and writing, not in a world of sound-bites and repeated repeated entertainment, but a world where story-telling avails and we learn from the shared verse of the populace. Less awful; more Orwell!

We long for a short story revolution!

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The Short Story Revolution - Continued

The Plan

We will start this revolution, but we will not try to control it. It is a revolution for you. It is a revolution for the people. We want to empower and inspire and we hope that you will join us.

We believe the short story is perfect for this busy day and age and will play a crucial role in the future of reading and writing. We will celebrate the short story in every way we can.

We believe that everybody has a story to tell and everyone should 'have a go'. We will make Bibliofaction accessible, encouraging and inspiring to everyone we can.

We believe that you should read all year round — not just when you go on holiday. You can 'down' a short story on your lunch break, devour one while your dinner cooks or snack on one in between your favourite TV shows. It's nourishment for your brain — bite-size chunks of life experience.

We believe the best contemporary short story writers should be held in the same regard as our most popular contemporary novelists. We will help you to discover great short stories and make reading them a part of your everyday life.

We believe there is more to writing than seeing your words in print. (We will never stop loving books though!)

We believe it is our duty to read and write more than ever before. Communication breakthroughs have unveiled more points of view and more styles of writing than our ancestors could have ever dreamed of. We will embrace new technologies for publishing and distributing short stories and we will encourage an ethos of discovery and invention in reading, writing and publishing alike.

We will drive short story publishing beyond the token collections hidden in bookshops today and we will publish short stories in unexpected places.

We believe that regular reading and writing has an educational value beyond the grade systems of schools and universities — learning should be savoured, not tested.

We will venture where other publishers have buckled. We will take the stories to the people who are spooked by bookshops. We will reach out to the people who have lost their confidence. So many people are scared to express themselves and to try new things that we must rekindle their ambition. Reading and writing are good for the soul.

By encouraging the discussion of short stories, we hope everyone can develop the confidence and the language to share the things they love and enjoy in life.