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Juan Toosie

is Reaquainting myself with Bibliofaction and trying to Ignore One Tree Hill which my other half is watching in the background ...

And, is currently reading Transition by Iain Banks.

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  1. Jessica Jones
    Don't know if you'll read this, I hope you do - I wrote a story called The Community and it shows how wonderful this site and the people on it can be - I hope it does anyway - I hope you read it :) Thank you.
  2. Jessica Jones
    I do agree there can be a lot of flaws to this site but you lot still brighten up my day with your kindness.

    I hope you're okay and that it all works out for you :) Goodnight Sir xx
  3. . .
    A true poet of our time, you shall be missed. Good day my friend
  4. Juan Toosie
    Good night, God Bless . . . :)
  5. Mikky J
    04/01/2011Mikky J
    Oh, that sounds cool. Yeah, please keep me posted.
  6. Juan Toosie
    I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on this site – unfortunately things have come to a head, and I realise that I must move on. The well is dry, the will has stumbled into darkness and I must concentrate on real life. To all who still follow the dream – I say carry on and go where I could not dare :) Love Rob.
  7. Mikky J
    04/01/2011Mikky J
    Thanks, Juan. Agreed. I figured that's why some of the others have left, as well.

    Have you found another place to post?

    Let me know:
  8. Jessica Jones
    I genuinely am sorry you felt so strongly about what I meant in jest. I apologise as much as I can.
  9. Jessica Jones
    Wow - hang on a second; sorry if you took this to heart I was more sticking up for the sheer definition of 'short story' but no sorry for giving you my opinion with a bit of fact in response to your opinion. Clearly I was wrong to think this was, what did you call it, a place to exchange ideas?

  10. . .
    Please read my latest story "the voice in the night" and do tell what you think, I have taken on a more serious tone in my writing. Thank you, good day
  11. Jessica Jones
    I don't know if you read it the first time, but anyway I re-published Ella under the new title 'The Chase'; I've added the feeling it was lacking & I far prefer this version.
    Please read it if you get the chance and when I can sit down properly on here I fulllly intend on reading your screenplay :D xx
  12. Jessica Jones
    Yeah I totally get what you mean. The reason PL was weird is because it turned into just that, I wanted both sides to add a bit of feeling, though Nico's next one is going to be much, much longer & she joins him in the end which should be fun.
    The reason for the weird dialogue thing is because I started out with her narrating the same as Nico but it didn't feel right but as my sister pointed out she just sounded odd but I moved onto Nico again & decided to just leave her be. Glad you...
  13. Jessica Jones
    Hey, check out Scotch then Pink Lemonade - they are the first two of a new Drink series I'm writing called 'Paint the Town Red' enjoy :D xx
  14. Dick Boldre
    Juan - many thanks for your tip very useful indeed... now I have to set about doing it.

    Best wishes

  15. Mikky J
    05/11/2010Mikky J
    Cronos. I dig Guillermo del Toro.

    I've put it on my list. Thanks!
  16. Mattius Wise
    04/11/2010Mattius The Wise
    Thanks mate, I think you got it.
  17. . .
    Thanks for the comment old spice, you truely are a gentleman and a scolar. You have made a great friend in Jim Saville.
    Until next time.

    P.S: Elements of the past and the future combining to create something not quite as good as either.
  18. . .
    I have asked nicely that you read my work and yet you continue to refuse.

    Is it that my stories are far more superior than yours?

    You have made a very powerful enemy in Jimmy Saville my friend.
  19. . .
    Read my short stories, they are far greater than anything written by yee. You'll see. It will blow your mind.
  20. . .
    I am the all conquering master of the written word, wordsmith of the blank page. Like Pollock to the blank canvas, or Dali from the dreamworld. All shall tremble before me
  21. . .
    Check out my stories please, I think you'll find I have discovered a new form of writing. It's genius.
  22. Turrtoro Johnny
    26/07/2010vik verplanken
    Thanks for your comment on my story, I appreciate it ;)
  23. Michael Gunter
    No, you didn't offend me. I'm not easily offended. I was just commenting on it because I love that book. I've read it seven times.
    Am I the first to notice your picture? How goes things with the Cartel? I thought you were dead man!
    Anyway, thanks for reading my story. And please don't have me killed!
  25. Rashawn Etheridge
    i finished chapter two today now if only i had enough to publish thanks for the tips and ill seek out that pesky inverted comma...hope you enjoy part two when and if i get it published, Cheers.
  26. Kevin Hayes
    Hi, thanks for the comment. I hope you will enjoy reading some of my other work. I feel that my writing has improved with each passing story i write
    Thanks again.
  27. David Leonard
    Hi. Thanks for the lovely comment. Your description of the older woman was exactly as I imagined her. Well done
  28. Denise Cleveland
    thanx glad you enjoyed it
  29. Chel Samson
    thank you for your comments,..i appreciate it..
  30. Dick Boldre
    Many thanks for your comment - it's so long since I wrote the piece I will have to re-read it but you're probably right in what you say. Good lesson for me to remember -don't watch Misdomer Murders.
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