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Angharad A-Williams

is back!! my exams are over and my hair is blue... lets get writing again!

And, is currently reading Shift by Em Bailey.

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  1. Morgaine Lowe
    Thank you for the welcome! I deeply appreciate it, as I'm just dusting off the old word processor and getting my writing legs back (ha ha). Loved Death Sparrow by the way!
  2. Dave Eastbourne
    Hey Huggable! Just to let you know, I have a new personal "authors site" - and I featured you on it! Check it out here - You have a section on the main page and on the seperate "Featured" page too. :)
  3. Dave Eastbourne
    I've been good. Things have been pretty hectic lately - I've quit smoking (7 weeks now! woot!) and both my father and grandfather are in hospital after BOTH of them had strokes, my fathers was mild but my grandads was pretty severe. I'm still writing, but it's been difficult to concentrate and finish anything of late. But I'm sure I'll have something for you to read and comment on soon enough :) Huggles!
  4. Dave Eastbourne
    Hey Huggable! Long time no see! I've read (and loved!) all of the short stories you've posted that I've missed up til now. Can't wait for your next one! I have to say I really enjoy your writing style, and the subjects you choose to write about! You always seem to come up with such unique and intresting topics! And they're always different from the last, so it's a constant (and good!) surprise. Most writers get stuck in one genre or style of writing - I love that you mix it up constantly! :)
  5. Paul Y.
    Hi.On the story I wrote about FEAR: what I wrote about is common societal fear. Anything more than that would be beyond the scope of a short story and I feel would not be appropriate for the type of readers here. However also my major is Architectural Science. This was just a class I took. The fear you indicated which is "Conditional" is more on a personal basis when a situation/person(s) creates a direct "threat" to life. That type of fear is not within the scope of my...
  6. The RedVulture
    22/02/2012The RedVulture
    Thanks for the welcome comment :D
  7. The RedVulture
    22/02/2012The RedVulture
    Thanks for the welcome comment :D
  8. The RedVulture
    22/02/2012The RedVulture
    Thanks for the welcome :)
  9. Victoria Gatan
    Thanks, for the welcome message :) appreciated it!
  10. Jubelle Angeli Maturan
    Thanks for welcoming me :))
  11. Paul Y.
    Thanks for the high praise on the story "I think I love you".

    Strange I get comments that "it's great" and others say,"It's out of character" to have a romantic story with such psychological elements.

    Anyway, much appreciate your feedback.
  12. Gary Lewin
    Hello Angharad. Thank's for the warm welcome :D
  13. Asvinth Siva
    thanks for the welcome message....
  14. Yashika Kay
    thanx a lot for the welcome message.....
  15. Yashika Kay
    thanx a lot for the welcome message.....
  16. Yashika Kay
    thanx a lot for the welcome message.....
  17. Christine Linn
    Thanks for the welcoming message, Angharad. I like your work! Will you tell me: do you have any tips for getting people to give feedback on your work?
  18. Dave Wylie
    Thanks for the welcome message. I look forward to reading your stories.
  19. Rin Nagane
    Thanks so much for the welcome message ^_^ That was very nice of you ♥
  20. Clement Bell
    Thank you for your welcome message. is there any error in my sentence making become this is my first very small story
  21. Morbid Kicked
    Thank you!
  22. Mo Mostowfi
    Hello. Yes, I shall read your new story and comment on it,, but will you do the same for me? ;-)
  23. Chris Wilson
    Hi Angahrad, thanks for your comments on lone star. Not my best story I reckon, but it,s been fun to do
  24. Jack Steel
    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)
  25. Corey  Armitage
  26. Jessica Jones
    Thanks for reading my story, glad you enjoyed it. & hah yeah thought I'd be nice to my characters for once, break a habit :P xx
  27. Sebastian Varas
    29/08/2011Sebastián Varas
    Hey! Thanks for your welcome! =D
    I'd really like you read my story and provide me with some feedback! Thanks!
  28. Corey  Armitage
    hey! sall good i never check mine at all either! sorry it took me so long to reply i havnt been on here for a while :)
  29. Dave Eastbourne
    Man, your page is just FULL of posts from me! You must be getting sick of seeing my face and name on your page by now! lol...

    Anyways, I'm only here to say my new-new story is now published called "A Boy Named David: Corner Flags & Goalposts"
  30. Dave Eastbourne
    Oh just quickly - I am now following you on Tumblr :) my tumblr page is:
  31. Dave Eastbourne
    Hey Huggable :) Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my latest story (I already have another one I'm preparing to publish - I'm on fire lately! lol). Also, glad to see you're still around, I was beginning to think this site had died out completely after it went down for so long! Happy to see I'm not the only one knocking about this place :)
  32. Dave Eastbourne
    Hey Huggable :) How are you? I just wanted to pop by and tell you I've just published a new piece of writing. I'm not sure if you'd call it a short story, and it's in a style I've never done before. But I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! :)
  33. Camila Tom
    I've been gud. i've been working on a story to but im not gunna put it up. i've been mostly on Goodreads otherwise everything is gud
  34. Camila Tom
    WOW- i feel like everyone is dead! its soooo quite!!
  35. Jessica Jones
    Ouch man that's gonna be even tougher; & the loan you're gonna need for the fees will be ridiculous. Well Good Luck indeed! x
  36. Jessica Jones
    Aye mine are 21st & 24th; & yeah I'm freaking out for my psychology one, will be awful :P Ahh it'll be over soon ^.^ Then off to Uni for me :) xx
  37. Jessica Jones
    Sucks doesn't it :P ha Yeah I've got all my 3 exams in technically 8 days :P like one on Thursday, Tuesday & Friday - awesome :P Thanks though & Good Luck to you too!! xx
  38. Cat *
    Heyho lovely *wave/smooch* X
  39. Jessica Jones
    Haha thank you :) I know it's been like over a month since I've published anything but I've been ill & it's exam season atm so once that's all done I can get writing over the summer again :) x
  40. Dave Eastbourne
    Hi Huggable! LOVE the new profile pic! :)

    Sorry, that's all I wanted to say... lol
  41. Jessica Jones
    Thank you for reading & commenting as always; but yeah I think a lot of my endings on proper longer stories usually end up like that because I'll have spent ages writing it and I just want to include the ending I want but never have a way or the time to write it properly; if I get the chance I was going to do some suggested tweaks on it & flesh it out a bit more so I might leave the ending hanging too. Thanks again x
  42. Dave Eastbourne
    Hey Huggable! Just wanted to let you know I've just posted a new short story if you wanna check it out - I think you'll like it :)
  43. Kathrina Angeles
    Thanks for the comment on my story, it really helps :)
  44. Camila Tom
    LOL!!! they better not:D
  45. Macy Warden
    thank you. It does kinda but wat i don't get is that what is the point on it?????:D
  46. Camila Tom
    his age makes a HUGE diffrence to me!!!! i mean i cant go dying over a 39 year old man. no offense to you!!!!LOL. n im jus sooo upset at the whole show for hurting my stephan. its sooo not fair!!!!;)
  47. Macy Warden
    yes i do.There super great. Maybe one day you can help me out too:0. and one more thing. what does these bibliobucks do???:D
  48. Camila Tom
    n ong u have to read city of bones. ur gonna love it. its like the best book ever.
  49. Camila Tom
    i noe. i soo loved damon too but wen i found out tht he was like 32 or something i was like ugh and i so backed off. i cant wait so see what happens next time
  50. Dave Eastbourne
    Thanks :) Glad you like my new profile pic - my cousin (who's 13) took it whilst we were on holiday recently :)

    Have you checked out my latest new story? I'll have another new one up soon - I'm in the middle of writing it now. I hope it turns out ok! :)
  51. Camila Tom
    and omg u reliiii like bookz rite?? i guess you u should check out Goodreads. tht a good web too.
  52. Camila Tom
  53. Camila Tom
    yes!!! i like sooo died. MY stefan is gone bad. jenne is dead, jermy almost died and alisia is DEAD too. i liked him or started too. but oh my freakin god stefan is gone badddd!!!! there messing up the whole show. and elena kissed damon. ugh!!
  54. Rachel Lawrence
    thanks for the amazing comment! If you liked that story, i think you will enjoy my other short story "First Time Moment" Check it out? Thanks again. :)
  55. Jack Steel
    I think perhaps it was too short, maybe if it was longer, it'd have time to play itself out - maybe as it was the plot didn't have a chance to settle before the twist came - but that's not surprising since it was a short story not a book. Thats all I can think of - but that's not to say it wasn't good (that's just the best criticism I can come up with)
  56. Camila Tom
    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! u wont freaking belive it. Damon is going to dieeeee!!!!!. my stupid friend just spoilled it for me but DAMON is going to DIE!!! wat will i do????:(
  57. Pamela Rodan
    You are very welcome. You are an excellent writer. I look forward to reading more of your work. One thing I learned in my literature class is that our eyes and mind will read what we want them to but our eyes and mouth will read what is there. That's why reading out loud helps. The key is that you have to read it with a fresh set of eyes. Other wise you will just end up reading what your intended to write and not what you actually wrote.
  58. Dave Eastbourne
    You are more than welcome! I don't know why you didn't expect much - you're a natural with a gift for words. I intend on giving the rest of your works as much attention as I did your 'He has won' story - so comments from me on them might be a while :)

    Btw - just to let you know I too have written and posted a new short story called 'Time To Sleep'. I'd love your honest opinion of it! :)
  59. MR. X
    30/04/2011Mr. X
    Hey, please check out the new poems I've posted. Thanks
  60. Camila Tom
    omg, you like vampire diaries.i love them!!!oh, i finally found someone who likes them. you totally rock!!! dont you just love stephan. he's sooo freaking HOT!!!!lol;)LFN
  61. MR. X
    19/04/2011Mr. X
    Thanks for the comment, I've posted another poem if you wanna have a read.
  62. MR. X
    18/04/2011Mr. X
    Hi, really liking your stories. Check out the poem I just wrote.
  63. Jessica Jones
    I know exactly how you feel; it's my easter holidays at the moment and each day I do like nothing - it's beautiful.
  64. Jessica Jones
    Thank you very much; yeah the general consensus seems to be that it should be longer: I have written on a printed copy of that all the parts I can make it longer and now I just need to find time and energy to and I shall; I break up soon enough and I'll have plenty of time to write over summer holidays so I suppose just wait :P :) xxx
  65. Jessica Jones
    It's most likely the general view on here, ha :P xx
  66. Jessica Jones
    Writers are usually their own harshest critics :P xx
  67. Jessica Jones
    Glad you liked it ^_^!! :) :) xx
  68. Jack Steel
    Thanks again, much appreciated :)
  69. Jessica Jones
    Thank you very much - I have a new piece up that people have found funny so you might like it :) xx
  70. Jack Steel
    Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you liked them :)
  71. Jessica Jones
    Thank you very much! I'm glad you like my writing :) More will be up soon when I can finish it.
    Yeah I can't seem to stick to one style, I think it's fun to be flexible ^_^
    Also, glad you found 'This Universe' funny because I don't see myself as that funny a person so it's always reassuring, thanks again! xx
  72. Mattius Wise
    04/03/2011Mattius The Wise
    Wow. I am crazy when I'm drunk. And feeling great. I'm not too hungover and I'm going to see Rob Zombie, Slayer and Iron Maiden today. Winner!
  73. Mattius Wise
    04/03/2011Mattius The Wise
    I want to be your friend. Just promise me religion will not be a factor as I am not a fan.
  74. Mattius Wise
    04/03/2011Mattius The Wise
    I have about sixty pieces of paper strewn about my bedroom with the beginnings of stories etched across their faces. I am just waiting for a crippling disease that will allow me to pump out my odd stories...Make it happen. Do it for the healthy. XX (I will be back soon with more)
  75. Jack Steel
    Thanks! Glad you liked it, and I certainly will endeavour to keep going.
  76. Jessica Jones
    Thanking you :) xx
  77. Jessica Jones
    ha, yeah it's fun to find the extraordinary in the ordinary - but trying to think of everything from seemingly nothing is tiring non-stop :P xx
  78. Jessica Jones
    I'm glad you liked it; thank you :) xx
  79. Jessica Jones
    Yeah I know who you are in the sense of 'I've seen you around here' too, I just never got around to reading any of your things but when I get a chance I definitely will.
    When you're profile picture's smaller you look a lot like a girl who used to go to my school so you kinda stuck in my head. (that's an odd but good thing btw :P) sorry for being weird, anyway talk later! xx
  80. Jack Steel
    Thanks for the comment, if I'm honest I genuinely didn't think it was much good, so as far as i knew, the description was accurate- also I found it quite funny so I just put it anyway but thanks anyway
  81. Chris Wilson
    Hi Angharad,re my freind Jeannie, thanks for your comments,much appreciated. It is a sad story but regratably all too true.Don't be affraid to be different or even a little weird by the way. If we are honest most of us are just the same, and those who are often not worth knowing!
  82. Bjorn Runa
    Thank you for your comment. I will consider the critic about the language.
  83. . .
    Like your stories, look forward to more from ya. Please check out my words of power and tell us what ya think.

    Good day.

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am now 19! :D 4/6/93 (getting old.....)
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