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Mattius Wise

is slaying dragons.

And, is currently reading Installing Your New Time Machine by IKEA.

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  1. Sophie Taylor
    Thank you so much for the comment on my story, it means a lot! :)
  2. Hayllie Coleman
    Thanks for the comment lol n if you have a thing for saving people and wokin everyday all day at times then I say go for it bc I love my job. Lolol
  3. Paul Y.
    Thanks for the comment on "My first surgery". Yeah you're right (seriously) on "there's no way a person so incompetent could perform surgery", that's why its humorous (and a fiction).

    I could have made it credible by saying that he disguised himself as a doctor (since he so wanted to be one) and found some means to do a surgery performance. I wanted to keep it under 500 words however. Thx.
  4. Angharad A-Williams
    thank you for your comment on my story :D x
  5. Angharad A-Williams
    Hi :D I have recently put up a new story please could you read and comment :P It doesnt matter if not. It is called 'The walls whisper' thank you x
  6. Rashma N.Kalsie
    Mattius,if you have time, and if you come around to Biblio, then pl look up my recent stories, spl The Lost Dog. I have already adapted it to a play, Iwant to understand if it has a dramatic potential?
  7. Mattius Wise
    18/06/2011Mattius The Wise
    Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Ecko Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whiskey X-ray Yankee Zulu
  8. MR. X
    17/06/2011Mr. X
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  9. Rachel Lawrence
    Actually i have both of those stories on my bookshelf and have been meaning to read them :P
  10. Cat *
    Hey lovely X
  11. Angharad A-Williams
    Hey :D I have recently put up a new story 'The Death Sparrow' Please could you read and give me your thoughts on it :D Thank you :P x
  12. . .
    hi sweetie, please read my stories tell me if u like them. thnx
  13. Hajetha Chandrakumar
    Thanx for ur comments on the scariest halloween ever. I hav got 2 biibliofaction logins.
    plz reply on my other login. Jodie Marshall. My Message board.
  14. Rachel Lawrence
    Hey, if you liked my story Thought, i think you will really enjoy my other story called There I Am. Its a bit older and more intese, but i think you will really enjoy it. :) thanks.
  15. Rachel Lawrence
    Thanks for the comments! I hope to see more of them! :)
  16. Mattius Wise
    21/04/2011Mattius The Wise
    Do you guys remember Bea? She disappeared along with her comments and now my return comments look hilariously out of place.
    I miss Bea.
  17. Rachel Lawrence
    Thanks for the comment!! I love reading them, especially from someone like you. Thanks agian. :)
  18. Angharad A-Williams
    Hey :P Thank you for your comment. i am actually really shocked about all the positive stuff being said about it. :) i am glad you liked it x
  19. Angharad A-Williams
    Hey :D have put up a new story called 'He has won' Please could you read and comment :D Doesn't matter if not x
  20. Sarb K
    Why thank you kind Sir (",)
  21. Angharad A-Williams
    haha :D eeryone is like that when drunk! lol. have a nice time :P am soooo jealous! x
  22. Angharad A-Williams
    i would like to be friends too. i am not religious, but i respect that other people find comfort in religion. (if that makes sense!) how are you? x
  23. Gracie Dalwood
    Do you really think I am a poet Matt?!
  24. Gracie Dalwood
    Do you really think I am a poet Matt?!
  25. Jessica Jones
    Thanks for the comments Matt :)
    Also, read your about me - more than happy to have helped further your writing; you're a great writer & I really hope you continue :)
    Much love x
  26. Angharad A-Williams
    i am the same :D they are everywhere. they will come together one day to make something brilliant :) i look forward to readng it :D. how are you these days? have you been up to much? x
  27. Jessica Jones
    After going through all my stories & quantifying them due to extreme boredom - I would like to thank you for your 15 story comments etc :D Thank you very, very much - they've all helped brilliantly :D! xxx
  28. Gracie Dalwood
    Hello Matt, :)
  29. Angharad A-Williams
    Hi :) i have put up a new story. please could you read it, and give me your thoughts. it is called 'darkness' thank yoooou x (p.s. you don't have to!) lol.
  30. Mattius Wise
    12/01/2011Mattius The Wise
    He is.
  31. Mikky J
    31/12/2010Mikky J
    He's not serious, is he?
  32. Rashma N.Kalsie
    Point out the layered ones to me--i love riddles. I have read most of ur previous work and left comments.
  33. Mattius Wise
    02/12/2010Mattius The Wise
    Yeah. The Blinding is beautiful.
  34. Cat *
    Ps 'The Blinding of Samson'
    - nice!

    A warning about the truthfulness of women...
  35. Cat *
    Never coming? Should we 'do em,' for false advertising?
  36. Angharad A-Williams
    I have published a new story if you are intersted please could you read it. Your opinion is appreciated.
  37. Jessica Jones
    You might be interested to know that I recently published a revised version of Ella under the title 'The Chase'; though you know the plot I've added a whole new level of feeling so you can read it if you want; I don't mind if you don't :) xxx
  38. Jessica Jones
    Hey, check out Scotch then Pink Lemonade - they are the first two of a new Drink series I'm writing called 'Paint the Town Red' enjoy :D xx
  39. . .
    Check out my new story, Cockney Nut Job, it's true genius!
  40. Ellison Reath
    haha! It's from "A Very Potter Musical." In a stressful moment, the main character blurts out "I'm just a 12 year old kid!" when through the play they set it up as if he is much older.
  41. Please Wait...
    31/10/2010Please Wait
    You're welcome, Mattius. I still don't know if I'm meant to reply here or on your profile page? I'll do both. I will attempt to ignore the existence of the arse on the other site. I doubt I'll post prose there again tho. You're right, some people miss the meaning because they get too bogged down with the technicalities. Sad if you ask me. Thanks for making me feel welcome here.
  42. Mikky J
    30/10/2010Mikky J
    Heya, Mattius.

    Yep, I'll be posting some flash fiction soon (well, not sure just how soon).

    About your response to my comment on "The Voice Inside," I completely understand--there are infinite possibilities. I was just giving you my reader response (the questions and feelings that the story leaves me with).

    You keep writing; I'll keep reading.
  43. Please Wait...
    30/10/2010Please Wait
    Hi Mattius. Just wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting on my first sub. I plan on ditching the cellophane very soon. Thanks for making me feel welcome here :-)
  44. Chris Wilson
    Hi Matttius. Bublick here, thanks for your feedback on my friend Jeannie. I'm glad the bottle twist came through as intended. Regretably such a story is all to true
  45. Roizz Reuyan
    thanks for the comment :)
  46. Mattius Wise
    23/10/2010Mattius The Wise
    Ha! I do those. Sounds like a short story to me ie. the purpose of this site.
  47. Cat *
    'It' scared the shit out of me! That clown *shivers* - Thanks for your time wise one...
  48. Rachel Greenwall
    Hi Mattius,
    Haven't been on in a very long time and your very very lovely comments on my stories has really made me feel great - thank you so much. I just want to make people be able to empathise with my characters and I try to do it with my writing style, which sometimes works and other times doesn't very well. This is a reason i love writing, and comments like yours make it seem worthwhile. I will definately get stuck into a few of yours! Thanks again x
  49. Rashma N.Kalsie
    fellow writer sorry to poke u again--but do remember to chk the new story abt economic-social shuffle in third world--the man who jumped to death. sorry there are no jessicas to take him down, just onlookers.
  50. Rashma N.Kalsie
    hi. i have posted a new story and i fear it sounds incomrehensible to westerner. can u pl look up when u have time--the story is man who jumped to death
  51. Rashma N.Kalsie
    Hi Mattius thanx for reviewing my story, sorru abt culltural gap that spills on to work--i'm grateful u pointed it out. i'll write foot notes on this one and others. i have posted a new story, hope u'll make time to read it.
  52. Jessica Jones
    Matt, the reason I said 'ass' is because I was trying to kinda censor it because my family & teachers read my work & they wouldn't approve all that much :P
    && What are you on about when you're talking about Silent Story. Why'd you stop reading it, you made no sense..?
    Also yes people regularly tell me how bright my face & hand are...
    :) Taaaa xx
  53. Rashma N.Kalsie
    creative work is never shit, it is just not your best specimen. next, let me clarify i liked your style of writing,play of words and passion for the genre you have chosen. i loved the treatment of the obsessed--depressed boy about to commit suicide--really neat. cheer up fellow writer because you are doing a good job and you have many years to hone your skill. best of luck.
  54. Jean-nicol Chelmiah
    hey dude,

    Thanks for taking the time to read a couple of my stories and commenting. Glad you enjoyed. Try the other one 'The Moustache & Autumn Gold'. It's a bit longer but I think you will like that one too. Read your 'Voice Inside'. Will read couple others too xx
  55. Glen Gostlow
    cheers for reading my poem and commenting on it. I think I split the sentence across two stanzas to emphasise the word ' openess'. Looking back, I dont think it worked. Cheers for the advice.
  56. Sarah Khan
    Hi there Mattius, I really appreciate your comments. I think your short stories are amazing.

    Thank you
  57. Tony Andrews
    Hi Mattius, thankyou very much for your comment sir, as this was my first effort, I was more than delighted to have a positive review. Just need to work on my grammar,lol! Well Im now about to recipricate the viewing of works, so lets see what u have in store buddy, once again thanks.
  58. Jessica Jones
    You should go on my profile - I've written something for you.
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