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  1. Nick Britten
    Howdy Nic, hope i've got the right one cause there are two of you on here. Unless you have setup 2 accounts for extra bibliopoints usage? Anyhoo, enough of my blabber, thanks very much for reading radical solutions, really appreciated your wise comments. This is a bit big for this site maybe, but still, i do think that it's not long enough to be a novel or anything so in my book it's still a short story, even if only the dedicated few will ever read it ha ha. Thans again buddy.
  2. Mikky J
    22/01/2011Mikky J
    Haha! Which part confounds you?
  3. Mikky J
    31/12/2010Mikky J
    Thanks for your comment, Nic!
  4. Mattius Wise
    24/04/2010Mattius The Wise
    Cheers for your comments. I really appreciate the help. I think you were definately right about the repeating words thing.
  5. Lance Phelps
    From your humorous story "Fish & Chips" and the fact that this is (I think) a british web site I gather that you live in england (Hope I'm not too far off). I, on the other hand, live in the states. So I'm not surprised to see that we know different unhealthy (Yet delicious) snack foods:). A Mr Goodbar is a candy bar created by Hershey's here in the USA. My wife and I love them.
Nic Jennings
Nic Jennings

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