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is working on a mathematical equation in which the value of any given number is superfluous to requirements. Well u did ask, Bibliofaction!

And, is currently reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.

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  1. Please Wait...
    30/11/2010Please Wait
    Stocking up as we speak, Ms. Cat. Thank you for your assistance ;-)
  2. Cat *
    Go stock up on snot poodles!
  3. Mikky J
    17/11/2010Mikky J
    Thanks for your comment!

    This time, you chose to masturbate rather than to have a BM cuz you didn't wanna stain the sheets.
  4. Please Wait...
    31/10/2010Please Wait
    You're welcome, Mattius. I still don't know if I'm meant to reply here or on your profile page? I'll do both. I will attempt to ignore the existence of the arse on the other site. I doubt I'll post prose there again tho. You're right, some people miss the meaning because they get too bogged down with the technicalities. Sad if you ask me. Thanks for making me feel welcome here.
  5. Please Wait...
    31/10/2010Please Wait
    Ahem. Oh but it is, Ms. Cat. I blame Orange and their propensity to exaggerate the speeds of their broadband services. Still, what I do have I squeeze everything out of. X
  6. Cat *
    I doubt very much that your 'bit-rate' is anywhere close to inadequate x
  7. Mattius Wise
    30/10/2010Mattius The Wise
    Meanwhile...that isn't actually printed on that shirt is it?
  8. Mattius Wise
    30/10/2010Mattius The Wise
  9. Mattius Wise
    30/10/2010Mattius The Wise
    If you wrote a story called "Could You," It would look hilarious when people looke at it.
  10. Mattius Wise
    30/10/2010Mattius The Wise
    "I can see that we are gonna be friends..."
    Thankyou very much sir, I appreciate your comments.
    It’s good to get positive feedback from someone who has clearly mastered the English language. I think your first story was fucking ace man. I don’t know who that was on the other site, but I recommend that you ignore their existence. (some people get too involved and fail to see artistic awesomeness). Post more stories please. You have talent.
  11. Please Wait...
    29/10/2010Please Wait
    Lol. Thank you Ms. Cat. Yeah, it took me a while didn't it? I blame buffering brought about by an inadequate bit-rate. Thank you for reading and commenting on my first effort here. What next? Now there's a question...
  12. Cat *
    About time too! Fully loaded & unstoppable - what next?
  13. Please Wait...
    23/10/2010Please Wait
    Ok, you are right. I shall be a good boy and attempt to write something... soon. I always was a procrastinator. I believe you can get special pants for it from the chemist? I'm too embarrassed to ask tho. Glad you like the T. I like your tights. Not that I'd wear them you understand? I really should shut up. Thank you :)
  14. Cat *
    Ps nice T !
  15. Cat *
    What do you imply about minty imperial goodness...I think we are abusing message board system lol. Catch you l8r when you publish :)
  16. Please Wait...
    23/10/2010Please Wait
    Doh! I replied on mine again. People on this site are gonna think I'm stoopid...
    Say nothing please ;)
  17. Please Wait...
    23/10/2010Please Wait
    And then you'd reply on mine - so I get notified? I think... I think there was something in those mints. I'm not usually this slow... honest.
  18. Cat *
    Your alright you are - if in response then post on my message board. Don't worry, you'll pick it up easy enough :)
  19. Please Wait...
    23/10/2010Please Wait
    So I do post here? You get notified? Thank you pls. It's not my fault I have a pronounced confusion gene. ;)
  20. Cat *
    Sorry *str8 face* I shouldn't, ;;) ?
  21. Please Wait...
    23/10/2010Please Wait
    It's not funny. Do you get notified if I post here? Or do I have to post on your message board? *Scratches his head and wonders why everyone but him gets it... Stop laughing pls :D
  22. Cat *
  23. Please Wait...
    23/10/2010Please Wait
    Do I reply here? I'm confused.
  24. Cat *
    Keep talking.
  25. Please Wait...
    23/10/2010Please Wait
    There's often a bowl full of Mint Imperials kept at the end of a certain bar in a certain restaurant... Of course I never dib into them ;D
  26. Cat *
    Lol. The day, every time :D
  27. Please Wait...
    22/10/2010Please Wait
    Do you gaze at them lovingly before indulging or, like me, does your imperial craving win the day?
    Yes, Ms. Cat, the constant bruises that map my forehead are testament to my continual pavement gazing. Walls have so much to answer for :D
  28. Cat *
    Pavement gazing..? Nice! I'm quite prone to imperial mints myself :D
  29. Please Wait...
    22/10/2010Please Wait
    Thank you, Cat. Is this how I reply? It must be. Thanks for the welcome and for introducing me to what looks like a very neat site :-)
  30. Cat *
    "Hi" & welcome :)
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