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Sophie Harrison

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  1. Morbid Kicked
    Thank you, Sophie, for your comments on
  2. Paul Y.
    Thanks for your kind comment on the poem IF.
  3. Jodie Marshall
    Wat happened to ur other stroy 'The Lost Rose?'
    I luved ur new story. It is sooo gud!
  4. Jodie Marshall
    When u hav written ur next story or if u going 2 start one send me a message on my message board. bye.
  5. Jodie Marshall
    Thanx 4 ur comments. Your comments r really helpful.Thanx again. Plz continue replying 2 my messages or ask if u need any help u can always ask me if u like. Why don't u read Jathursa Ravichandran's poem called 'I am.' She is my friend. I think she would like it if u read it and then commented on it. R u my friend? If u want why don't u send me some hints I can use 4 my stories. Thanx 4 replying. bye.
  6. Jodie Marshall
    Im glad u liked my comments. I luved ur story.
  7. Jodie Marshall
    Hi sophie. I read your story and it was really gud. If you like u could read wat i've written and comment on them.Plz reply on my message board.
Sophie Harrison
About Me
Hi :) I'm Sophie. Ever since I was five it has been my dream to be a writer - sounds cliché but it's true! I just love reading and writing. It's my life.

My Favourite...

Harper Lee
"I am Vertical" Sylvia Plath
Book Title
"The Catcher in the Rye"

My All-time Favourite Books

No. 1
To Kill A Mockingbird
No. 2
Harry Potter
No. 3
Lord of the Flies
No. 4
Wuthering Heights
No. 5
The Bell Jar

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