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  Hi everybody I am a poor pea hen living in a small forest which is near to a college campus. I have two kids, one girl and one boy. I use to walk a long distance with my kids in search of my food or prey, of course the place were filled with a large number of snakes in the past. However, things were changed now. Even the poisonous snakes are afraid of these human beings. Mostly I got food from the college hostels; these college chaps are terribly interested in wasting food. I and my kids survived with that.



     My life partner left me after presenting his two kids. These men know, very difficult to predict their nature. I struggled with m kids at first, but now they are my asset. I loved the college chaps very much as they were my food contributors. Especially the girls they were more kind than the boys. They always bothered about our food, as we the peacocks and pea hen were endangered species nobody dared to hunt us. Ok I want to say next why I want to tell a story, it is not my story. The story is about my favorite batch in the college. The readers will be curious to know why I am so particular with this batch; of course reason is that it is a love story of this batch.

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           It was on the middle of September the classes for this batch started. It was ten days after the Onam festival. The managing director of this institution was a devotee to God, so the organization function started with prayers and offerings to God. All the students in the batch lighted the lamp and prayed. At the first day only three girls and five boys came, the rest of them reached within one week totally they were twenty eight students. Among them eight were girls and the rest were boys. As far as birds are considered, if the male numbers are more than the females, the male will fight each other and die. From them I had learned that humans don’t make any difference.


           The eight girls were, I am telling their names in the order of their age. Pinky:  the eldest one. Then Meena, Ritu, Julie, Suhara , Geetha, Remya and Sonal. The first day in the class were spent by introducing with each other. They were thick friends in the hostel too and their decisions were taken together. They were arranged in their labs based on their roll numbers. In the first day itself Suhara’s eyes were caught on Karthik. He was from north India and Suhara was an orthodox South Indian muslim. Suhara’s father was a cancer patient and she had two younger sisters. Actually she loved Karthik but was afraid to reveal it.

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Then Meena she was a typical selfish character who bothered only about herself but was very beautiful. Pinky was not the one to get involved in affairs. There were two reasons, one she was very religious and the second she was a matured girl. Then comes Ritu, her choice was a wrong one it was Antony, a playboy more than that he loves only fucking, he wants a girl till the end of his campus life. Julie was from a poor family and don’t had the thought of getting an affair. Geetha was in love with Sajan her schoolmate from high school itself. Remya got in love with Sunil, who was spoiled guy. Sonal was the most beautiful one two guys fought for her, but it was Ravi who won her heart.


        After the love affairs started the campus was like a happy young girl. Every guy woke up early in the morning to collect our feathers for presenting to their lovers. Ritu loved only spotted feathers so Antony had to bribe the locals for getting that. The journey from college to their native place was their romantic times. The lab became Lovers Park. P inky and Meena became alone. Pinky sometimes joked that I am going to search one guy only for carrying my luggage and buying tea for me.

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 Pinky terribly hated Antony as she knew that he doesn’t love Ritu but only needed her to satisfy his desires. Pinky often adviced Ritu, to leave Antony. Ritu’s parents were living separately and Ritu was their only child, she has to spend half of her vacation with father and other half with mother. Ritu asked Antony whether he leaves her; he replied at once that he doesn’t. He quarreled with Pinky for involving in his love drama. Ritu begsn to go home alone with Antony, he utilized her maximum. Except Sonal the rest of the girls’ condition was also the same. Meena was avoided by everyone as she had no lover. One day the management came to know about their affairs. Every body doubted Meena, but it remains a mystery till now. Meena was tortured by the other girls and they never talked to Meena until they went after finishing their course.


      At last the farewell day came. Antony told Ritu that his parents won’t allow him to marry her as her parents were not living together. Ritu didn’t beg him as she was bold, she left without a word. That night all were about to leave I saw tears in the eyes of their house keeper. She asked Ritu will you forget that there was an old lady here. Ritu told by smiling without showing her sorrow that she will never forget her mother. My kids grew up and flew away.  I got this information from their staffs that Suhara’s father died and she was married to her neighbour when Karthik was away in search of his job, I was a little shocked.

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Julie was married at the end of her semester and had one kid. Ravi married Sonal. Geetha was married to her lover Sajan. Sunil refused to marry Ramya so she was married to a Doctor. Meena was married to a health consultant and no news was heard about Ritu . Somebody told that she is doing her PG. Pinky was married to a software engineer and went abroad.


  One day I saw Ritu standing in front of the college her belly was big. She was married to a doctor. I noticed that she came with her husband a cute guy very caring. Antony married a rich girl but not beautiful. Ritu was happy to have a nice husband. She is now working as a teacher and came here to invite the principal for their college day function. All are happy know.

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