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Sarah had lots of friends and loved to tell them stories over coffee. But they didn’t know her secret: she was a writer...

Reaching for her front door key, she knew something was missing and panic set in. She turned and she ran. It was a mile back to the coffee shop where she pushed through the crowd and saw it on the table she'd shared with her friends that morning.

She grabbed it hastily and held it close. As she sat to catch her breath, the familiar texture was comforting. Yet something unsettled her: it had been next to a fresh pot of tea. Whose tea was this?

Panic set in again. Unknown hands had thumbed through her notebook. Her favourite short story was no longer secret and a navy blue postcard was marking the page. The mysterious tea drinker, perhaps? Her heart skipped a beat. Who was this person who’d entered her world? She desperately wanted to know. Did they like her short story?

The postcard said ‘Bibliofaction’. Could this be a clue? On it was scrawled ‘I wish you were here’.